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E-mail: indigovy.zpravodaj@gmail.com


FB: Indigový zpravodaj

Skype: indigovy.zpravodaj

youtube: Indigový zpravodaj - kanál televize Příznaky Transformace

Tel: +420 720 537 893 

Adresa: Studio osobního rozvoje 

             Palackého 185, Turnov 






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2. 8. 2021 0:04

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Advokatv9482 - Вернуть проиграные деньги

1. 8. 2021 19:53

Проиграли деньги в казино?
Мы поможем их вернуть! Обращайтесь.


bneoshpaf - Bitcoin NEO to the Moon - BNEO - New era of Crypto!

1. 8. 2021 15:02

Bitcoin NEO uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.
Emission 21 000 000 coins (max supply).

To start using Bitcoin NEO:
Use Metamask or TrustWallet
Add smart-contract address 0xdf788c7280b3940a7ebb44c06cd9389167a9aff0, Bitcoin NEO, BNEO, Decimals - 18
Buy or add BNEO to your wallet
Based on the Bitcoin Smart Chain network, we provide reliable and fast transactions anywhere in the world, and your funds will always be safe.

Site - https://bitcoin-neo.com/?from=x
Buy tokens - https://bitcoin-neo.com/private-sale?from=x
Airdrop - https://bitcoin-neo.com/airdrop?from=x

Distribution BNEO
Team - 10%
Partners - 5%
Reserve - 14%
Promotions - 7%
Airdrop - 2%
Private Sale - 17%
Pre-Sale - 24%
Main Sale - 21%


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1. 8. 2021 5:55

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JefferyPyday - Leave your comments about my new site - legalnewser.com

1. 8. 2021 5:31

Hello, I lunched a new site with costum scripts to publish latest news and events on finance, currencies and economy.
Please leave your comment about my website.
You can find the website in my signature.

Stronadugs - Leafy derivative preferably of good soul

31. 7. 2021 10:48

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Denisa Surovčíková - konzultace

31. 7. 2021 6:10

Dobry den, chcela som sa informovať, či ešte poskytujete konzultace cez skype, pretože som sa Vám podľa dohovoru mala pripomenúť v 7. mesiaci kvoli terminu konzultacie, co som aj urobila, ale zatial od Vas nemam spätnú spravu. Ja Vas nechcem spamovať, len neviem, ci ste tie správy (skype, gmail) registrovali, a ci sa mam snazit o konzultaciu :) Nechcem Vás nahnevať :) len teda, ci mam čakať alebo to už nechať tak. Pozdravujem Vás. Surovčíková.

Coreyrhido - The Best Offer of The Year!

31. 7. 2021 1:45

This year turned out to be very difficult. But we have optimized and reduced the cost of our products!
It is almost impossible to find prices lower than ours, the sale is at the cost price level.
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30. 7. 2021 14:53

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Work_eu - There is work for people living in Europe.

30. 7. 2021 10:49

<b>What do you have to do? </b>
Go through online registration!
Time for one service takes 10-20 minutes.
One evening = 300$
If you have access to a large number of people, the conditions can be individual! (Looking for partners)

<b>You can find out more in the telegram:

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29. 7. 2021 19:49

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Stanislava Hladisová - Omluva

29. 7. 2021 18:41

Pardón, jsem napsala tvé jméno s tvrdým Y. Tak se omlouvám Silviya.

Stanislava Hladisová - Leták k vakcínám

29. 7. 2021 18:38

Dobrý den, Sylvo,
Chtěla jsem se zeptat, kde najdu leták k vakcínám. Na Příznacích jsi říkala, že ho máš uveřejněný. V rodině jsme za nezodpovědné buřiče a ohrožujeme sami sebe i ostatní, tak bych chtěla nějaké oficiální věčné informace, abych rodinu alespoň informovala, co mohou do budoucna očekávat.

Josephliz - News from Pinterest, Etsy

29. 7. 2021 17:37

В Pinterest с 2012 г. Моя Реклама в нем дает Заказчикам из Etsy, Shopify, amazon заработки от 7000 до 100 000 usd в месяц. https://youtu.be/v-b2HL-ZF4c Ручная работа, Цена 300 - 1000 usd за месяц

Josephliz - News from Pinterest, Etsy

29. 7. 2021 17:37

В Pinterest с 2012 г. Моя Реклама в нем дает Заказчикам из Etsy, Shopify, amazon заработки от 7000 до 100 000 usd в месяц. https://youtu.be/v-b2HL-ZF4c Ручная работа, Цена 300 - 1000 usd за месяц

Josephliz - News from Pinterest, Etsy

29. 7. 2021 17:37

В Pinterest с 2012 г. Моя Реклама в нем дает Заказчикам из Etsy, Shopify, amazon заработки от 7000 до 100 000 usd в месяц. https://youtu.be/v-b2HL-ZF4c Ручная работа, Цена 300 - 1000 usd за месяц

Josephliz - News from Pinterest, Etsy

29. 7. 2021 17:37

В Pinterest с 2012 г. Моя Реклама в нем дает Заказчикам из Etsy, Shopify, amazon заработки от 7000 до 100 000 usd в месяц. https://youtu.be/v-b2HL-ZF4c Ручная работа, Цена 300 - 1000 usd за месяц

Josephliz - News from Pinterest, Etsy

29. 7. 2021 17:37

В Pinterest с 2012 г. Моя Реклама в нем дает Заказчикам из Etsy, Shopify, amazon заработки от 7000 до 100 000 usd в месяц. https://youtu.be/v-b2HL-ZF4c Ручная работа, Цена 300 - 1000 usd за месяц

JasonArrow - friends, movies, fashion, actors, trends, social

29. 7. 2021 11:39

21 yr old Real Property Representative Mosby from Lacombe, has hobbies including house brewing, and candle making. Will shortly go on a contiki trip which will include going to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Bialowieza Forest

aio - sex

29. 7. 2021 5:17